Sunday, May 22, 2011


I think I need to get some focus on here. At the suggestion of my (evil) sisters, I'm going to start doing something productive with my rather unwieldly recipe collection. I have more cookbooks than is entirely decent, and 200+ recipes saved in my bookmarks on the ol' Lappy 3000. I read food blogs the way normal people read the paper.

So, I'm setting myself some rules here:

  • I must post at least once a week. We'll make Sunday my go-to posting day (no classes, and I'm not necessarily at work).

  • Posts must include photos, since let's be honest, that's the best part of a food blog. I'm not allowed to use this as an excuse to buy a Cannon Rebel, as much as may I lust for one.

  • I need to start cooking more, and start making headway through my stack of recipes, and I want the emphasis to be on healthy cooking, so that this does not turn into some kind of butter fest that goes straight to my ass. That being said, I love butter. :D

See you soon,



  1. if it does turn into a 'butter fest'... ill be there.

  2. Katy! This blog is awesome! I have always loved baking (queue butter fest music), but I took up "cooking" in October - the not-so-exact-science where you can do things like add "a dash" or "a pinch" or "throw some montreal steak spice on it".

    My boyfriend enjoys it...he's gained about 55-60 lbs haha!!