Sunday, June 12, 2011

La Poutine

Anyone reading this who knows me IRL, should know that I like cheese. And when I say "like," I really mean that if I were to suddenly become lactose intolerant, I would be the saddest person on earth. Needless to say, cheese+fries+gravy is my friend, and so when I saw that an all-poutine restaurant was opening on 109 street, I knew I needed to go at some point.

Since it opened a few weeks ago, other (more legit) bloggers, like Chris from Eating is the Hard Part, and Sharon at Only Here for the Food, had written positive reviews of La Poutine. My friend Rae and I made standing plans to go, and this past Monday, we made it there with our friends Shannon and Amanda along for the ride.

Others had mentioned that there was no real seating options inside, so Amanda grabbed us one of the two outside tables, while Shannon and I found our respective parking spots (a process that involved Shannon sending me colourfully-worded texts bemoaning the state of parking in the area).

Once we were all there, we took turns ordering. Rae got an Original, saying she was chickening out in the face of all the topping options, but also wanted to see how their poutine stood up by itself. Shannon and I both chose Canadians; Original poutines topped with bacon, while Amanda got a Quebecois, topped with Montreal smoked meat.

I ordered first, and honestly wasn't paying that much attention, which is how I ended up with a Large. Oh dear lord, the photo doesn't do it justice, but let me assure you that that is a bucket of poutine. A large is easily enough for two people.

We all really enjoyed our orders, the bacon on Shannon and mine was real, although larger bits may worked better, and the bacon was definitely really greasy. The curds were nice and sueaky, and held their shape quite well.

Rae really liked her Original, and said she will further expand her poutine horizons on her next visit. She's recently back from a holiday that included a stop in Montreal, and said that La Poutine holds up pretty well compared to the poutine she ate in La Belle Province. Amanda said the smoked meat on her's was good too. We all ordered our poutines with the default "Quebec gravy," but La Poutine also offers beef or vegan gravies, as well as vegan cheese.

As you can see from the photo, I didn't make it all the way through my bucket of poutine; I left behind about a third, and squeezed in a coconut-mango cupcake from Whimsical Cupcakes next door. ;D

La Poutine
8720-109 Street
(780) 757-7222

Whimsical Cake Studio Inc.
8716 109 Street
(780) 988-2253

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  1. lovin' the more frequent posting.
    the reason that large poutine looks deceivingly small is due to my oversized man hands. fyi.